Are we ready for personalised genetic testing

Here is the blog article I wrote for the global CSC website on this issue

link here

Make a ringtone out of music on your iPhone

Just got my new 3G iPhone and absolutely loving it!!

I found this very useful process for turning chunks of non DRM music on your iPhone into ringtones. I just tried it – it couldn’t be easier!! The only bit I’d change is right near the end when it says to drag and drop the new ringtone into your library. That didn’t work for me, but when  created a folder in my iTunes library called ringtones, moved the file there, then added that to my ringtones library, it worked fine.

Now all I need to work out is how to import all of the contacts off my orange SIM card into my iPhone. Anyone know how?

Visualisation periodic table

I know that I’ve posted a similar one to this before, but I really like the different visualisations shown on here. I just wish that you could click through to a template for each one!

Which chart to use?

Sometimes, you just can’t decide which chart is the right one to use. This handy flowchart helps you to decide.

Generic Work Process

Found this interesting list of work processes. Some of them (like the wizard of Oz one) I had never heard of before.

The Semantic Web (and Journalists)

A great slideshow that gives up to the minute information on the progress of the semantic web and how social media sites are using interoperability to layer information that is peresnted on websites.

David Guetta vs The Egg – Music Video

David Guetta vs The Egg – Music Video

I love the parkour (free running) in this music video. The tune’s not bad either!!


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